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Blank Note Cards featuring some of the cats and kittens rescued by Animal Umbrella are On Sale Now !

Each packet of 12 cards includes one of each of the pictures below plus envelopes. All the photos and the order form are displayed below. The cost per packet is $10 plus $1.30 for first class shipping and handling for each packet. All Proceeds will benefit our Revere cats shelter. Thank you!!

Adult Cat Cards
Kitten Cards

Click on pictures to see all the card pictures in the set.


City/State____________________________ Zip Code______________________
Number of Cat Packets #1 ordered: __________
Number of Kitten Packets #1 ordered:__________
Total Cost $ _________________________

Shipping Charges ($1.30 each packet)$________________________

Total Amount Enclosed $________________________

Make checks payable to Animal Umbrella. Mail to :
Animal Umbrella
C/O Sue Furbish
20 Lakeview Ave
Waltham, MA 02454