Animal Umbrella Messenger 
Winter 2000


Unfortunately, no humane organization including Animal Umbrella despite everyone's best efforts will be able to rescue all the cats and kittens left to fend for themselves during the bitter cold months throughout the state. There are simply too many homeless cats and insufficient space to shelter them.

But you can make a life and death difference by helping the strays in your neighborhood or anywhere else where there are abandoned animals! Without your care many homeless cats will experience great hardships and may not survive. The following suggestions will help you alleviate their suffering:

  • Attract animals to use garages, basements, sheds, bams, dog houses, porches, other specially built structures, which offer repair from the elements. Make sure each place is insulated, warm, and dry as possible. Make bedding in enclosed sturdy boxes, with heavy woolen or flannel blankets. Place food and water nearby.
  • Feed as abundantly and as often as possible as food and water tend to freeze. Double the amount of food you usually give because extra food will help the animal fight the cold and keep healthier. Use better cat food brands, use dry as well as wet food.
  • If there are kittens in the area, try to capture them and find a foster home for them. If all fails, call Animal Umbrella and we will try to help.
  • Keep special attention for older or weaker animals. If they look sick they may need to be taken to a vet for medical care. Never release a sick cat after treatment back outdoors because the likelihood is it will not make it.
  • If you have a special room or space in your house try using it to foster an animal. It may mean life or death until spring arrives.
  • If a female appears pregnant, she should be spayed as soon as possible to avoid the birth of kittens in the cold months (February, March and even April as they would never survive). Use Animal Umbrella's low cost spay/neuter program. Never release an animal right after surgery as they may freeze to death. They need a few days to recover especially females.


  • If you know of an area with strays please find a number of people who will work with you on a daily feeding schedule. Food and water are ESSENTIAL IN THE WINTER! If for some reason you cannot feed the animals in an area please call us as we may know someone else who could.
  •   If you find yourself in a particularly difficult situation please call us as we may able to provide some advice to lead you in the right direction.

Remember you can make a big difference this winter for the homeless cats in your area! The animals are counting on and Thank you for your help... If you need to call
our number is 617-731-7267


Klondike, was found with two other cats nearly frozen to death in Malden. No one would take these cats even after their terrible ordeal but we did. Lots of TLC brought them back. Klondike and Jack Frost found wonderful loving homes. Little Boots is still at the shelter waiting for a home of her own, hopefully soon!

At the beginning of every winter, it has become a tradition for Animal Umbrella to publish this article both as an educational tool to the new supporter who join our organization every year and as a reminder to our old friends that the cold months are particularly harsh on abandoned animals. Some of these animals will only survive because of the kindness and dedication of some of you.
May God Bless you for your compassion.