Animal Umbrella Messenger Winter 1999


WINTER 1999 Dedicated to the Rescue, Care and Adoption of Homeless Cats Number 17

Published Quarterly by Animal Umbrella, P.O. Box 2675, Acton MA 01720-6675

One of the most controversial issues dividing cat lovers today is whether to keep a cat indoors or outdoors. Although some cats may prefer to go out every day and return at their will, most cats adjust perfectly well to an indoor environment provided that they can look outside from a window.
Animal Umbrella is against letting cats outdoors because today the world has become more dangerous to cats in the street. Some of the dangers are:

Finally, even if a cat escapes all these dangers, it can still bring home fleas, ticks and worms, and get ear mites. If exposed to a sick cat outdoors it can become infected with the FIV and FELV diseases.

Because of the dangers highlighted above, Animal Umbrella does not adopt cats and kittens to households planning to let them outdoors, as we are concerned about the quality of life our cats and kittens will experience once they have left our shelter and foster homes. ADOPTION IS A COMMITMENT OF LOVE FOR LIFE!
By Annamarie Taylor                                                                                                                     More Articles . . .


Skip, a friendly young cat lost a leg to a pitbull He was adopted.