Animal Umbrella Messenger
Summer 2000



Dedicated to the Rescue, Welfare and Adoption of Homeless Cats Number 23

Published Quarterly by Animal Umbrella, P.O. Box 2675, Acton MA 01720-6675

Why Cats Need Companionship

Anyone who has ever owned a cat or a dog is familiar with their human-like traits.  Cats, although commonly known for their individualistic personalities, show near human sensitivity and a great sense of perception.

 Because of their sensitivity, most cats are very social animals and are happier if (in most cases) they have companions of their own.  Although they appreciate human companionship, they also need to interact with other animals ( cats or dogs or sometimes even more exotic animals)  to give and receive comfort.

 If you add a companion to your cat's life, you will prolong its physical and mental health.  A cat who is left alone at home all day (because its owners are at work) is more destructive on the furniture, carpets, curtains etc. as it will use all its energy on them.  Frequently, it can become depressed and anxious and tend to overeat.  When a cat has a companion, it will be playing with the new animal more frequently thus getting more exercise and distraction.  Cats also enjoy grooming each other as

 a display of  love towards the other individual. Grooming is often done just before both animals fall asleep totally relaxed, next to each other.

 Compatible animals bond after living with each other for many years.  We have heard from many people about their cats grieving for weeks after the loss of another companion animal.  Sometimes the grieving was so intense that the animal gave up and died.

 Animals need each other for comfort, love and company just as much as human beings do.  Seldom, an animal will be so antisocial that it will not bond with another animal.  In most cases however, cats if properly introduced to another pet and if treated with the same TLC of before, will adjust to the new comer and thrive with the new relationship.

 If you have a single cat please consider adopting another one.  You will prolong its life and give a loving home to another needy abandoned animal                             Annamarie Taylor

Gaby taking a rest with her new big brother Dinero.We have recently received a letter from a caring Salem animal lover who adopted Gaby, one of the many strays we rescue, care for and adopt out every year. Gaby has joined a family of other animals as shown in the photo they sent us.  They wrote:

As you can see, she is very happy, our dog Dinero is like a big brother to her along with our other two cats she plays happily with!  We love Gaby very much.  She is a wonderful addition to our family!  Thank you for our wonderful new angel. Keep up the good work!

We thank Daphne for her sweet kind words and are delighted that Gaby is living in such a loving home. These happy endings make our work worthwhile and encourage us to continue our rescue efforts.  Gaby taking a rest with her new big brother Dinero.