Animal Umbrella Messenger Summer 1999


Summer 1999

Dedicated to the Rescue, Welfare and Adoption of Homeless Cats Number 19

Published Quarterly by Animal Umbrella, P.O. Box 2675, Acton MA 01720-6675

Domesticating Feral Cats - A Human Alternative to Mass Destruction

We find hard to believe the level of people's hostility towards homeless cats, especially feral cats (the definition of a feral cat is that it was born in the streets and therefore it is fearful of humans and frankly justifiably so!). There is an undeclared war against these poor animals as they are being more and more frequently defines as a pest to be barbarically eradicated.

Abandoned cats who were previously owned if rescued by a humane society may have a chance to find another home. Unfortunately, this is not the case with feral cats. Most shelters will not take them in because of the time it takes to domesticate them so since no one wants them they are being destroyed in many cruel ways which we will not discuss.

Fortunately, Animal Umbrella has a very humane alternative to offer to feral cats: (even adults), if there is space we rescue them from dangerous situations, spay or neuter, vaccinate and test them and then bring them to our shelter where gradually our volunteers start to socialize them. It can be done with patience, compassion and love. We have many success stories, some of which are shared in articles elsewhere in this newsletter. Animal Umbrella has been doing this for years and we have successfully placed thousands of domesticated feral cats. People who have adopted them usually love them for their great devotion to their owners.

Unfortunately, since there are thousands of feral cats in the streets and we can't take them all in the shelter, we spay or neuter, vaccinate and test them and release most of them in areas where they are safe, they are being fed by a caring person and have reasonable shelter in the winter.

If you are feeding a feral cat in your area and wish to adopt it, please call us at 617-731-7267 and we will help you socialize it. We have helped hundreds of people who have decided to take on this challenge and have succeeded! YOU WILL SAVE A LIFE. 
                Annemarie Taylor

Dramatic Rescue in Revere - Duncan Needs a Home!

We were alerted by two animal lovers who had stopped for coffee at the Dunkin Donuts shop in Revere that they had seen a large black cat drag his hind legs nearby. They thought he had been run over by a car. We sent a volunteer to investigate and she was able to rescue the cat. She called him Duncan and brought him to the vet where they found he had a severely infected tail. The infection had spread to Duncan's spine causing a lot of pain as he could only move his front legs. After massive doses of antibiotics Duncan has recovered. He is between 6 and 8 years old and has a few teeth left. He is very gentle and desperately needs a quiet home where he can live happily for the rest of his life. Will you give Duncan a second chance? Please call us at 617-731-7267