Animal Umbrella Messenger 
Spring 2000

In Memory of Jane Rodgers   

A family of feral cats was living and reproducing at an oil facility in Salem. A kind hearted woman had been feeding the cats for years, and tried to find homes for the kittens that were born. As she ran out of places to place the kittens she looked for a humane organization that could help her rescue the remaining adults, test/vaccinate and alter them and give them a chance for rehabilitation. Animal Umbrella agreed to do this and loaned to the very caring woman a trap and taught her how to trap feral cats. The woman was able to rescue a mother and her daughter who had been reproducing for years and brought them to the shelter. Tim Rodgers, who was working for a company across from the oil company heard the story and came with his family to visit the cats: Connie and Jillian.

Connie was Feline Leukemia positive and had to be separated from Jillian who was not. Connie was later on adopted by a woman who has other Feline Leukemia positive cats. Jane, Tim's mother fell in love with Jillian although she was still somewhat afraid of humans. Jane who was a very compassionate animal lover became an institution at the shelter as she started to visit her "Jillian" in an attempt to socialize her. She would be standing across her cage to look at her and try to make contact with her. Jillian, after receiving so much personal attention started to respond to this kind gentle person who was coming to visit her. Eventually she started to let Jane pet her. There was now a special bond between Jane and Jillian and Jane a week before Christmas 1999 came with her husband Frank to adopt her. Her son Tim had adopted another socialized feral kitten from us "Cuddles" a few days earlier.

Unfortunately, Jane Rodgers died with a sudden massive heart attack on Christmas day. It was so unexpected. When we learned this, we were in shock as everyone had become very fond of Jane and her family. We mourn her loss because animals have lost a good compassionate helping friend. Luckily, Jane has left love and compassion to her family who seems to share the same devotion and deep care. Frank is now caring for "Jillian". We would like to thank the Rodgers family for having requested their many friends to make donations to our shelter in lieu of flowers. An act of great generosity indeed. These donations have helped us alleviate the suffering of homeless cats with several rescues during the cold winter months.