Animal Umbrella Messenger
Spring 2002

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Arthur ws found as a stray kitten in the streets of New York. He is a very special three legged cat who survived a major operation three years ago. He lost his leg but not his great spriti. He is very affectionate and talkative. He loves to eat and get attention. Arthur 
Alex Alex

He was a stray rescued by a kind family who because of their landlord could not keep him. We found him a home in Newton, in a three floor mansion but his new owner could not find him after he had been adopted for a week. We came to look for him and found him hidden in a drawer. He was black with ashes as he had been hiding in one of the woman's several fireplaces. We decided that Alex would do well in a smaller environment and took him back. He has found a second family and has now been renamed Mr. Thomas Katz but for us he will remain Alex - the chimney kitty.


Samantha was given up by a woman who was moving to another apartment. Her new landlord would not allow her to have pets. She is very gentle and loving. She was obviously treated very well by her former owner. Although we estimate that Samantha is approximately ten years old, were were able to adopt her in a quiet home where she is loved and cared for. 

Skippy Skippy

Skippy was brought to the shelter one Tuesday night. He had a kitten collar around his neck that was so tight it had created a scar. We removed the collar immediately. We believe he was abused. After some time at the shelter and after being gradually taught to trust humans again, Skippy was adopted by a very sensitive coupe who heard his story and wanted to give him a second chance.