Animal Umbrella Messenger Fall  1999

For Hannah
A Short Story by Dawn Adams

She crouched shivering in the bushes,  every fiber of her being crying out in pain. She remembered sadly the warmth and comfort of her mother and siblings, playing in the high grasses, running to her mother when anything frightened her or troubled her. Now all were gone. She had run when the tall ones attacked them, ran and ran from the horrific cries of her family. She never saw them again.

She was still young and unsure. She could hardly catch food and now she was so weak she couldn't even if she wanted to. Her ears itched uncomfortably and patches of her fur were missing from trying to inch under a sharply spiked barring in the path. She had rarely seen others of her kind and when she had tried to approach them they looked at her with staring eyes and ran away.

Suddenly she heard noises of the tall ones coming near. She wanted to run but couldn't. She bared her tiny fangs; she would die where she lay but not without a fight. They came closer, she struggled to sit up so she could attack but her muscles refused to obey. She felt herself lifted into the air into a dark box, the only light coming through bars across one side, however, the bottom was soft and dry. She didn't allow herself to relax, she tensed her muscles to try and make one concentrated effort towards escape. She heard the sound of metal opening closing and suddenly

the box began to subtly move. All the pain and fear washed over her at once and she lost all consciousness.

When she awoke, she was in a different box, larger and more ventilated. Inside there were soft coverings, a box of sand, and greatest of all, food and water. Her ears did not itch so much and she even felt cleaner. Through bars in the front of the box she could see tall ones going about their inexplicable business. She could sense others of her kind all around her. What was this place?

How could she escape? She would have to regain her strength before she could make any kind of try.

Time passed and she had no chance to escape though she did not begin to relax, it did not seem the tall ones here meant her harm yet. She awoke startled, feeling the grasp of the tall ones; she struggled but could not free herself. Once again, she found herself in a small moving box. After a brief period of movement, the bars on the box were opened. She stepped out cautiously, there were others of her kind here, they came up to her and welcomed her! There was food and water and a soft bed all her own. The others of her kind told her this was a good place and she could stay and not be afraid. For the first time in months she felt peace.

Harvey - The Loss of a very Special Cat

Harvey came to the shelter nearly four years ago, an abandoned cat terribly sick and malnourished. He tested FIV positive but showed such a will to survive that we thought he deserved to live. We cared for him with antibiotics and special food. This gentle cat started to come around but needed to find a special home where he could continue to improve. Barbara, a very special volunteer, adopted him and gave him three wonderful years of good life. Harvey paid back the care he received with love and devotion to his new owner. Unfortunately, the FIV virus continued to advance and Harvey developed a severe case of diabetes. He was regularly given insulin and fluids by a vet but his condition deteriorated to the point that he had to be humanely euthanized to stop the suffering. "Thank you, Harvey, for your too brief presence among us," said his grief stricken owner.

Saturday, December 4th, 1999 1-4PM
at WILLIAM SUTTON LODGE 47 Adams Avenue - Saugus, MA
Have lots of fun! Many rescued kittens and cats available for adoption. All animals tested, vaccinated and spayed/neutered.
Directions North or South:
Take Route 1 Essex/Cliftondale Exit.
Take first left onto Vine Street. Take third right onto Adams Avenue.
Non-Profit Adoption Fee