Animal Umbrella Messenger Fall 1999


Fall 1999

Dedicated to the Rescue, Welfare and Adoption of Homeless Cats Number 20

Published Quarterly by Animal Umbrella, P.O. Box 2675, Acton MA 01720-6675


As Animal Umbrella continues to rescue cats and kittens, more incredible stories of survival need to be shared with the public to emphasize the plight of abandoned animals throughout the state.

Grady was found wandering the streets of Chelsea walking without balance by one of our volunteers. He was originally diagnosed with an ear infection but he was so out of balance that one day as we entered his cage he stood upside down (laying on his head and touching the top of the cage with his feet).

A closer veterinary examination found a tumor deeply rooted in one of his ears. For a while after his tumor had been removed Grady refused to eat and laid helplessly in his cage. Our vet recommended he be destroyed but we asked that he continue to be on multiple antibiotics to fight his infection. He survived although his head remains tilted and after being in a foster home for quite a while, he has now been adopted by one of our volunteers who has opened her home to some highly unadoptable handicapped cats. Great job.

Cleveland was being fed by a kind-hearted Animal Umbrella volunteer outside a real estate area. He had a major wound of unknown origin on his shoulder. Unfortunately, he tested positive for Feline Leukemia and FIV and he was also placed on quarantine. Cleveland was in very bad shape but our care and love have made him better. He is out of quarantine and has found a wonderful home with another cat who has tested positive for both diseases as well. We thank this greatly caring animal lover and her sister for giving a home to this unfortunate cat.

A couple moved to a new location. For days they heard a cat crying but could not locate it until they realized that the cat was trapped in an area within the roof of the house. When they made a hole in the wall, Belle - a multicolored longhaired cat - came out. She was badly malnourished and dehydrated. No one knows how long she was trapped and how she managed to get there. An animal lover heard the story and tried to help the couple to find a home for this poor cat. Calls were made to several shelters but no one would take her, but we did because we believe Belle needs a second chance after her terribly frightening ordeal. She is still at the shelter as of this writing and we need to find a very special quiet home for her.

Annamarie Taylor