Animal Umbrella Messenger 
Fall 2000

The Logan Airport Cats Rescue Project

Remembering Cara . . .

By Linda Lachman

There was never a more peaceful, gentle and loving cat than Cara. Abandoned in her youth, she was hit by a car on a highway.  Fortunately, a caring woman stopped her car and went to check to see if she was still alive, (as one should do if it is safe), found that she was, and took her immediately to a shelter where they nursed her back to health.  I am so glad and lucky that she took the time to care and save Cara or I would never have had my sweet companion.

I adopted her from a shelter, and she was always sweet and tender.  She loved to sit on the back of my couch and nuzzle my neck and head.  We had ten wonderful years.  Then I found out that she intestinal lymphoma, but my vet said she could extend her life with chemotherapy and, with a strong heart and will to live, Cara, amazingly, survived with a good quality of life for more than 18 months, until she had a stroke.  During all the stresses,  


Abandoned in her youth, she was hit by a car

and medicines, and doctors poking her body, she never lost her docile and sweet loving nature.  I will miss her beyond words.  So now there is peace for my most peaceful cat.

Meg -  A Handicapped Cat Rescue Story

Meg was living in Brighton and was being fed by a very caring woman. One of Meg's legs is partially missing, possibly because of an accident during her birth

Unfortunately Meg became pregnant but was experiencing problems moving around because of her leg and the added weight of her pregnancy.  Moved by her plight the woman (a long time Animal Umbrella supporter) called us and we placed the cat in a foster home where two days later she gave birth to several kittens.  Meg eventually will come to the shelter where she will be spayed, vaccinated and tested and then we will start the process of rehabilitating her prior to 

adoption. Thank you Liz and Jan for saving this very handicapped cap from the streets!