Animal Umbrella Messenger
Fall 2000


Fall 2000

Dedicated to the Rescue, Welfare and Adoption of Homeless Cats Number 24

Published Quarterly by Animal Umbrella, P.O. Box 2675, Acton MA 01720-6675

The Many Reasons Why Adopting an Adult Cat is A Better Choice

Kittens are simply adorable and everyone wants to adopt Kone from a shelter because they are so irresistible!  Unfortunately, the great challenge of all no-kill shelters is what to do with the number of adult cats abandoned every day throughout the country because no one wants to adopt them.
While it is understandable why many people cannot resist the temptation of bringing a kitten home because they are so cute and because of their playful nature, people should also realize the problems they encounter later on:

  • Kitten's health is very frail. If not properly cared for, many will not survive to reach adulthood. Vet bills could be very high.

  • Kittens should not be adopted in homes with the very elderly as they could make them fall.

  • Kittens will eventually grow up to become adults and may lose their appeal.

  • Kittens are not toys and should not be adopted in houses with very young children as they may scratch them if not properly supervised or escape if the door is left open.

  • As adults, kittens will need to be spayed/neutered quickly before they start to reproduce. All kittens adopted from Animal Umbrella are already altered.

 There are many sound reasons to adopt an adult cat, please consider:

  • By adopting an adult cat you will most likely save its life (many shelters either destroy them or leave them in the street to fend for themselves because they consider them unadoptable).

  • Adult cats make better pets as their personality is already formed and you will be able to adopt a cat whose character better matches your household.

  • Most adult cats are more calm and relaxed and will be less destructive on your house.

  • Adult cats make better pets for the elderly and young children because of their greater tolerance towards being handled.

If the terrible pet overpopulation problem bothers you, please consider becoming part of the solution by adopting an adult cat. Believe me you will be compensated with years of  great devotion and love offered by your new pet companion.

                          Annamarie Taylor

Calisto - An Adult Cat Story

Calisto relaxing in his new home!Calisto, an adult very loving mate was rescued from a very abusive home where he was being mistreated.  The woman who rescued him was unable to find a shelter which would take him because of his age. His destiny would have been to either receive more abuse or face destruction at a KILL SHELTER. We took Calisto in our shelter, cared for him and then found him a great home. As you can see from the picture they sent us, he is very happy now.  Thank you very much to the new owners for giving him a second chance!