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Since 1985, Animal Umbrella, a volunteer strictly no kill statewide humane organization has been rescuing, spaying/neutering, testing, vaccinating and adopting thousands of abandoned cats and kittens from the streets.

We make an effort to find special homes even for highly unadoptable cats because of- handicap, injury, age, behavior, feral (after being socialized) and FIV and Feline Leukemia positive animals.

We would like to ask that you consider sending your membership donation so that we can continue our humane work. By becoming an Animal Umbrella member, you will receive our quarterly newsletter updating you on our latest rescue stories. Your tax deductible contribution will help us save injured or sick animals, socialize unadoptable cats, spay/release feral colonies to reduce unnecessary suffering, finance low cost spay/neuter programs for indigent cat owners and keep our no kill shelter and feral cats sanctuary open. Please read some special rescue stories on the back of this page.
Share this information with relatives, friends and work peers. Your combined support will save animals from the harshness of street life. THANK YOU!

Our shelter is located at 320B Charger Street in Revere, MA on the second floor of Paws Here.

We are now open for Adoptions every Sat. from 3-5pm.

Before coming to visit please call Annmarie at 508-877-1194 at least one day in advance to make an appointment as some of the cats are in foster homes and need to be brought to the shelter on visiting days.


Call us at 617-731-7267




A couple moved to a new location. For days they heard a cat crying but could not locate it until they realized that the cat was trapped in an area within the roof of the house. When they made a hole in the wall, Belle a multi-colored long haired cat came out. She was badly malnourished and dehydrated. She was brought to the shelter to recover from the terrible trauma of being buried alive for who knows how long. A wonderful animal lover saw her picture and adopted her. She is now living a very pampered life and hopefully love and care will make her forget this terrible ordeal.

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Animal Umbrella Contributions are tax deductible - THANK YOU!
Mail to:  Animal Umbrella P.O. Box 2675 Acton, MA 01720-6675 Tel:(617) 731-7267


How your contributions are put to good use to solve the pet overpopulation crisis.
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Please remember that your contributions to Animal Umbrella are put to good use immediately and that our non-paid volunteers seek, rescue, spay/neuter many homeless cats - the number of which is only determined by the size and frequency of your donations. In December and in January several cats were spayed/neutered and were either adopted, are in foster homes or shelters or, if unadoptable, were returned to the original site and are being cared for.
Our efforts are only limited by our financial resources: with only a $25 per month contribution, in a year you can sponsor 5 cats, which would have produced 368 kittens. Our goal this year is to spay/neuter 1,000 cats. Every dollar you send us counts towards reducing pet overpopulation. As we lower the population, we will reduce the suffering of homeless cats.
Due to the increasing cat overpopulation crisis, we will place all our energies to spay/neuter more homeless cats and encourage pet owners to do this as well. We will educate people to be more sensitive towards animals and to keep them rather than abandon them. We will create more visibility in the media, schools and colleges to the plight of homeless cats and fund our shelter/sanctuary where we give a chance to many intelligent and sensitive animals which have only experienced neglect and suffering in their lives.
We make these goals our challenge, but we cannot do this alone. We need help from each and every one of you! This means to get involved by educating friends, relatives, neighbors and the occasional strangers who cross our lives. We also need you to alert us to cruelty and abuse cases so that we can intervene.
The success of any organization resides in its members willingness to work as a team towards common goals to affect change. If each one of us works alone, it will not make as much impact as if we work together. In the long run, the animals will receive less help and will be the losers. We can only do so much - will you help us do the rest?

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Double your donation with a Matching Gift.
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Many businesses and corporations have a Matching Gift program, where you or a group of workers within your organization raise a given dollar amount for a charity and your employer then donates a matching amount as well. Check with your employer to see if you have this program or if your donation qualifies. Please contact us for any additional information your employer may require.