Former Animal Umbrella Cat Rosemary stars in video

(click below to view)

After much emailing back and forth this 12 year old cat was turned in to us at an Arlington adoption day over a year ago. She had been adopted as a young cat to be a companion at a homeless shelter, but it turned out she was mostly too shy and spent her days in the office on top of a filing cabinet (and her nights as well).  Then a new administrator came and insisted she was allergic and the cat had to go. So after ten years of living there, we were contacted by an office assistant who was really distraught.  Rosemary, the cat, was not in top shape..her coat was not good, her eyes were not good and she was totally despondent.  Miraculously, some wonderful people stopped by to visit, with no intentions to adopt, and took pity on her and took her home. They adore her and treat her like a princess. She has finally been well cared for. 

This video is a tongue in cheek "ad" for a new product that the gentleman of the house is working on at his company, but we just thought it was a phenomenal video of Rosemary, now over13 yrs old.  She was in the newsletter at one point after her adoption so you may recall the "before" picture, but if not, take my word for it, this cat has found a lucky spot.  Enjoy!!